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projects that make sense?!

Moovandji offers young people the opportunity to lead projects from A to Z, simple, creative and fun. The objective is to make them want to get involved and become actors in their lives.

Training projects in which you are the actor!
3D printing, illustration, coding, theatre, event organization, video, magic, writing...

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Training projects in which you are the actors!

The workshops, carried out in teams, allow you to carry out a project from A to Z and to be trained to build and develop yourself.

The notion of project is fundamental in our approach. To carry out a project is to learn to become responsible, work in a group and gain confidence. It also means giving substance to your ideas, living an engaging and rewarding experience.

The experts, in a spirit of sharing, are there to guide and support you. Their experiences and skills are essential to help you grow.

You can accomplish anything in life, if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make it a realistic project, and the will to see it through.

Sidney A. Friedman


Think otherwise


Express yourself


Look further afield


Free your ideas

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