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These young talents…

It is a real obstacle course for our young people today to find a fun, collective space to undertake, share, take action and lead a project from A to Z. Yet they have time, potential, common sense and are eager to be encouraged to dare and realize their dreams.

Because I am the mother of two young teenagers and, convinced of their talents and potential, my objective, with Moovandji, is to help them reveal the best of themselves, bring them together around a project, make them grow, empower them, give them the means to undertake and live a fulfilling experience.

So don’t hesitate, let your children’s talents express themselves, help the young people around you to take action, register them and I will welcome them in the best conditions, so that they can flourish and fulfil their dreams!

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Who is hiding behind Moovandji?

An independent entrepreneur / full of energy / enthusiastic / connected / mother of 2 teenagers / action-oriented to bring more well-being and meaning to our young people…
20 years of experience in management and customer relations with 2 major French groups, and for more than three years expatriate in Turkey, involved in various projects in Istanbul.
My strong points, a sincere relationship based on listening, kindness and high standards.

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A team of professionals, entrepreneurs, change agents

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Pastry chef

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Mindfulness - MBSR coach

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Great Reporter

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Noémie Deveaux