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Moovandji, projects in which you are the main contributor!

These young talents…

Nowadays, it’s a real obstacle course for our young people to find a fun and collective space to undertake, share, take action and lead a project from A to Z. Yet they have time, potential, common sense and long to be encouraged to dare and realize their dreams.

As the mother of two young teenagers and convinced of their talents and potential, my objective, with and through Moovandji, is to help them reveal the best of themselves, bring them together around a project, encourage their growth, empower them, provide them with the means to undertake and live a fulfilling experience.

So don’t hesitate! Instead, let your children’s talents express themselves, help the young people around you to take action, sign them up and they will be welcomed with open arms and in the best conditions. This will enable them to flourish and fulfill their dreams!

Who is hiding behind Moovandji?

A freelance entrepreneur / full of energy / enthusiastic / connected / mother of 2 teenagers / action-oriented wishing to provide more well-being and meaning to our youth and their lives… After a 20-year experience in management and customer relations with 2 major French groups, and more than three years of expatriation in Turkey, I am involved in various projects in Istanbul.
My strong points? A sincere relationship based on listening, kindness and high standards.

By my side...

A team of professionals, entrepreneurs, agents of change

Caroline Gaujour


Atelier l'art de créer son journal de confinement multimédia - Moovandji

Marie Tihon


Atelier pâtisserie avec un chef de FERRANDI - Moovandji

Ferruh Yasar

Pastry chef

Comment gérer le stress - Moovandji

Selin Ilgaz

Mindfulness - MBSR coach



Graphic designer and illustrator

Atelier Créer sa vidéo sur Youtube - Moovandji

Thibaud Sevin

Video expert

Atelier robotique - moovandji

İlhan Ozan Aral

Biomedical Engineering student

Moovandji-Atelier écriture

Delphine Minoui

Great Reporter

Atelier photo creative - Moovandji

Noémie Deveaux