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Composting in the City !

Workshop Composting in the City

Composting in the City by way of worms !

A big portion of our daily waste consists of food, including cooking scraps, unwanted leftovers, and forgotten snacks… However, saving food waste from the mainstream garbage is crucial to the health of our planet. Food that is composted can return its invaluable nutrients back to the soil, for which we rely on to continue to grow food in a sustainable way. For city dwellers like us, there are some exciting solutions to composting, one of which is the ‘vermi-compost,’ utilizing the beautiful worm.

Join Jessica’s workshop ‘Composting in the City’ to learn how to build and use a vermicompost.

Useful informations

Your coach : Jessica Sim
Web : Nadas
Audience : Young people from 10-17 years old, or Adults
How : Face to face
Project : 2 sessions of 2h
When : May 29th
Language : English
Price : 530TL, 55€

The aim of project

The Art of Composting in the City

For city dwellers like ourselves, there are some exciting solutions to recycling our food waste. Some of these solutions involve fermentation, others recruit the beautiful worm. In this workshop, Jessica will present the vermi (worm) composting system, that is suitable for cities and indoor spaces. We will build a worm compost as a group, discuss how to feed and care for it, and practice harvesting. This workshop is for those who are enthusiastic about digging into the ground as well as for those who are a little more hesitant, a user-friendly introduction to understanding how worm composting works. It’s your turn now!

Composting in the City by Way of Worms
Workshop The art of Composting in the City by Way of Worms

Acquire new skills

The Art of Composting in the City

Technical skills
Learn how to build a vermicompost, learn how to care for a vermicompost and practice harvesting.

Project management skills
Lead a project from A to Z, share ideas, work in groups, create, correct, integrate new knowledge, develop self-confidence and act for the health of our planet.

The program

“The art of Composting in the City by way of worms!” this is a project to learn how to build and use a vermicompost, an urban and home-friendly compost system. 2 sessions of 2 hours to build a worm compost, discuss how to feed and care for it, and practice harvesting.

Session 1 : Introduction to vermicomposting

Session 2 : Follow-up session, sharing experiences and troubleshooting

Jess Sim

A few words from…

I am the co-founder, co-director of NADAS Istanbul and passionate about ecology

NADAS is a creative house located in Yeldeğirmeni, Kadıköy, facilitating projects that support the diversity of urban life and relationships between people and their environments. Among other activities, NADAS hosts: creative workshops and classes; meetings and gatherings; gardening and planting; studio work, art classes, and art residencies; exhibitions; and personal office work (co-working). By providing space for such ideas to be tested, realized, and shared, NADAS aims to build a community around living slowly, mindfully and empathetically.

I am one of the co-founders and co-directors of NADAS Istanbul. I am passionate about ecology and committed to developing creative ways to address climate change and inspire a more conscious life. I hold a Master’s degree in International Performance Research from the University of Warwick and the University of Amsterdam, and a BA in Contemporary Dance from the London Contemporary Dance School. I am also a Creative Climate Leader. I have worked as a curator and artist, notably on the projects Museum of Garbage by FLYING roots and Şehir Ezmesi / City Paste. I have been living in Istanbul since January 2015 and I am delighted to share with you how you can compost in the city with the help of worms.

See you soon, Jess

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How do I register ?

Click on the project you are interested in and fill in the requested information. An email of confirmation will be sent to you.

Do I need to have prior knowledge ?

No prior knowledge needed, only interest on these subjects is pretty enough.

Where do we meet?

Once your registration is validated, the location and appointment times will be sent by email and through whatsapp, as well as a link with the exact address. You can arrive 5 minutes before the session to get ready and arrive on time.

What material do I need ?

The material will be provided.

What happens if I cannot attend the course ?

If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible by phone or email. Any missed session is lost and cannot be recovered, except in cases of force majeure (accident, hospitalization, health problem). If so, we will discuss with Jess the possible catch-up of the lost session(s).

Can I get a refund ?

Except in cases of force majeure (accident, hospitalization), the costs already incurred are non-refundable (unreported absence, voluntary and intentional cancellation during the program).

  • 29 May 2021
  • 10:00 à 12:00

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    Composting in the City !

    10:00 à 12:00
    29 May 2021


    Composting in the City !

    10:00 à 12:00
    29 May 2021