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Encrypt your secret !


Create a cryptographic art letter !

Have you ever messaged in a secret way? Do you wonder how people communicated secretly for hundreds of years? Can you easily break the simple codes? Are you interested in designing on a game engine? This project is for you!

Join Arda’s workshop ‘Encrypt your secret’ to hone your coding, cryptography, and game design skills.

Useful informations

Your coach : Arda Deniz Aksular
Web : Arda Deniz
Audience : From young people from 15 years old
How : On face to face / on line
Project : 6 sessions of 2h30
When : Mid October
Language : English
Price : 1800TL, 200€

The aim of project

The art of coding

Learn about diverse world of ancient cryptography and bring it to the modern life by building a digital letter in a joyful environment. By the end of the project, young people will get familiar with the programming concepts, basics of using a game engine, early cryptography ideas as well as some basic mathematics.

Let yourself be guided by Arda who will help you have fun and create a cryptographic art letter by using a game engine .

Encrypt your secret
Code and programming

Acquire new skills

Encrypt your secret

Technical skills
Learn the basic algorithms and practical mathematics behind the art of secret. Discover early ciphers, secrets of communication as well as code breaking methods by knowing the idea of substation ciphers, Vigenere and Enigma. Learn the interface of a drag & drop game engine and create a functioning program. Use the major components of a modern game engine, understand dynamics of levels, animations, sprites, audios by implementing variables, decisions and loops.

Project management skills
Lead a project from A to Z, share ideas, work in groups, create, correct, integrate new knowledge, develop self-confidence and creativity, incorporate new technology.

The program

“Encrypt your secret !” Create a cryptographic art letter by using a game engine ! 6 sessions connecting three distinct fields : Cryptography, coding and game design

Session 1 : Brief history of cryptography
Art of Secrecy. Codes, transposition and substitution ciphers, Caesar cipher, monoalphabetic and polyalphabetic ciphers, block ciphers, Bacon and Vigenere ciphers, Enigma machine and breaking of early ciphers.

Session 2 : Brief history of coding
Game or play, coding in steam age, electricity, emergence of digital software, evolution of processor and memory, discovery of transistor, rise of games, game engines, boom of game industry.

Session 3 : Introduction to “Construct 3” (C3) game engine
C3 interface, game and coding concepts: sprites, levels, layers, event sheets, variables, loops and decisions. Create a simple game by using pixel art techniques to test your knowledge.

Session 4 : Let’s create a visual letter in C3
Let’s design your letter. Add some animation and sound, add an open message, visualise everything with the touch of some pixel art and effects.

Session 5 : Applying the encryption system
Code a substitution cipher on C3. Implement a dictionary variable. Create your encrypted message.

Session 6 : Applying the encryption system
Embed your “clue” in your message. Everyone builds their own encrypted digital letter and tries to break the other’s encrypted message.

Arda Deniz

A few words from…

I am a game coding trainer and a game designer

I am a Birkbeck College, University of London MSc. Information Technology graduate and a game coding trainer deeply passionate about games, gamification, coding, robotics, science, society, cryptography and UAVs.

Science is super exciting for me and I wholeheartedly believe that it can be explained in a fun way.

My Motto: “There is nothing as fascinating as the reality”. Check my 70+ videos on Youtube and games with 150.000+ downloads on Google Play.

Complex ideas are not that complex, at all…You don’t think so?

Join me in the workshop and let’s create altogether!.

See you soon, Arda

Do you have any questions ?

How do I register ?

Click on the project you are interested in and fill in the requested information. An email of confirmation will be sent to you.

Do I need to have prior knowledge in coding, game engines, cryptography ?

No prior knowledge needed on coding, game engines and cryptography. Only interest on these subjects is pretty enough.

Where do we meet?

Once your registration is validated, the location and appointment times will be sent by email and through whatsapp, as well as a link with the exact address. You can arrive 5 minutes before the session to get ready and arrive on time.

What material do I need ?

Basic computer skills and basic understanding of mathematics is needed.

What happens if I cannot attend the course ?

If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible by phone or email. Any missed session is lost and cannot be recovered, except in cases of force majeure (accident, hospitalization, health problem). If so, we will discuss with Arda the possible catch-up of the lost session(s).

Can I get a refund ?

Except in cases of force majeure (accident, hospitalization), the costs already incurred are non-refundable (unreported absence, voluntary and intentional cancellation during the program).

  • 17 October 2020
  • 10:00 à 12:30

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    Encrypt your secret !

    10:00 à 12:30
    17 October 2020


    Encrypt your secret !

    10:00 à 12:30
    17 October 2020