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The Magic Of Animated Storytelling

The Magic of Animated Storytelling

The Magic Of Animated Storytelling !

The tricks our eyes and our brains play on us are astounding! Even neuroscientists, who spend their entire careers dedicated to discover more about the human experience, are often baffled by certain phenomena. Luckily, science can explain much of the magic that goes on behind big screens. While animation can often seem magical, we will embark on a journey of demystifying the field so you are empowered to make animated magic of their own.

Join Nesli’s Workshop “The Magic of Animated Storytelling” to hone your skills as creative storytellers..

Useful informations

Your coach : Nesli Ergün
Web : http://www.happynes.org
Audience : Young people 15 years old and over
How : face to face and on line
Project : 3 projects – 7 sessions of 2h30 
When : 19th of September
Language : English
Price : 2200TL ou 250€

The aim of project

Storytelling & Wonder

Inspiring creativity, artistry and critical thinking is the by-product of this project, not the goal. Our goal is to tell stories that inspire wonder. Ultimately, good storytelling is the only way to improve the history of our world. This guided practice into the wonder of animation is a course that will explore the persistence of vision, utilizing a variety of animation techniques in a hands-on and tactile way.

It is through teamwork, positive energy, a rich and supportive learning environment that we breathe life into story. Nesli’s guided practice into the wonder of animation ensures we have fun in the process too!

The Magic Of Animated Storytelling
The Magic Of Animated Storytelling

Acquire new skills

The art of animated story telling

Technical skills
This project is an introduction to the fundamentals of animation. You will learn animated principles of movement, rapid prototyping, and the iterative design process. The tools Nesli covers in this course reveal certain truths about the digital world young learners are entering.

Project management skills
Learn to give and take constructive, critical feedback. Develop online presentation skills and master the art of digital sharing. By emphasizing the importance of critical analysis within the framework of respect for others and kindness, Nesli asks her students to engage deeply with the ideas. 

The program

Nesli use a combination of synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods that aim to maximize the effectiveness of the sessions.
3 projects, in 2 sessions of 2h30 per week that increase in complexity each week and a last session to share the work.
Join us in this project ‘The Magic of Animated Storytelling’

Week 1 : Thaumatropes
We will explore the concept of persistence of vision. Nesli will lead a guided practice into the fundamental principles in animation as young people explore making their very own moving pictures

Week 2 : Zoetropes
Paying attention to the world is the most important skill of storytelling. Silence invites us to pay selfless and unselfconscious attention to the world the artist is creating. Week 2 is dedicated to the practice of observation and reflection. Together we explore the shape of storytelling, character development, the writers journey, and narrative archetypes. Mindful of these storytelling concepts students develop and share their own 1 second animated story

Week 3 : Flip Books
The focus shifts on the importance and utility of iterative process making and rapid prototyping. Young people apply these concepts in crafting their own animated flip book

Week 4 : Project sharing
Young people will present their process and stories and afterwards we have a session critique for each project

Nesli Ergün

A few words from…

I am a storyteller

I am a multimedia storyteller based in Los Angeles and Istanbul. My enthusiasm for good storytelling manifests in a belief that in order to propel the world in a positive way, we must inspire young people to be creative, think critically and wonder.

My enthusiasm to expand the lexicon of creative storytelling activates and encourages communities to strive for a better tomorrow. Using animation as a vehicle to educate and inspire change at its centre. I am a versatile individual with endless motivation to develop engaging, hands-on lessons that will capture a young learner’s imagination and tap into their native instincts to wonder and discover.

I was born in Columbus, Ohio and lived in middle America for most of my informational years. I have a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California in Animation & Digital Arts. I have had a few intermittent but long-winded excursions to Turkey that have helped cultivate a unique view of the educational systems in both Turkey and the United States.

My students are my inspiration. The younger generation are who keep me hopeful for our collective future. It is an honor to share that excitement, space, and time with those who choose to get on board this journey. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Do you have any questions ?

How do I register ?

Click on the project you are interested in and fill in the requested information. An email of confirmation will be sent to you.

Do I need to have prior knowledge in photoshop?

There is no prior knowledge needed, only the desire to learn and to speack in english

Where do we meet?

Once your registration is validated, the location and appointment times will be sent by email and through whatsapp, as well as a link with the exact address. You can arrive 10 minutes before the session to get ready and arrive on time.

What material do I need ?

1 piece of cardboard or heavy paper (150 grams +)
A piece of string or ribbon or 2 rubber bands
A stack of lined or blank note cards and a big paper clip
A piece of string or ribbon or 2 rubber bands
Scissors and coloring materials

What happens if I cannot attend the course ?

If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible by phone or email. Any missed session is lost and cannot be recovered, except in cases of force majeure (accident, hospitalization, health problem). If so, we will discuss with Nesli the possible catch-up of the lost session(s).

Can I get a refund ?

Except in cases of force majeure (accident, hospitalization), the costs already incurred are non-refundable (unreported absence, voluntary and intentional cancellation during the program).


Event details

  • 19 September 2020
  • 10:00 à 12:30

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    The Magic Of Animated Storytelling

    10:00 à 12:30
    19 September 2020


    The Magic Of Animated Storytelling

    10:00 à 12:30
    19 September 2020