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Workshop to learn new magic tricks in Istanbul!

Learn new magic tricks in Istanbul - Moovandji workshop

Workshop to learn new magic tricks

Have you always dreamed of being a magician, performing sleights of hand, surprising and entertaining your friends and family? You will be able to demonstrate your dexterity almost anywhere to impress your audience thanks to Joe.

Joe will give you the tools to attract and capture the attention of your audience, teach you the techniques of manipulation, in a fun, educational and friendly atmosphere. Learning magic in Istanbul has never been easier!

Useful informations

Your coach : Joe Alfonso
Audience : starting from 8 years old – group of max 6 people
Neighborhood: Beşiktaş
Project: 5 sessions of 2h
When: March 29th
Language : English
Price : 1075 TL

Learn new magic tricks in Istanbul - Moovandji workshop

The aim of project

Discover the meaning of this art of wonder!

Learn various magic tricks in all simplicity and friendliness, learn and master the technical basics of magic, work on the staging and the art of relating to the audience, and practice presenting your tricks.

It’s now your turn to entertain your audience!

Acquire new skills

Do some magic live!

Technical skills
Learn to work on gestures, memory and concentration while developing your manual skills and logic.
Develop a sense of observation, creativity and imagination. It is also a good way to improve your oral expression, overcome shyness and develop self-confidence.

Project management skills
Learn to observe, reproduce, surprise, develop cognitive, social and presentation skills. Create a 45-minute show in front of an audience and organize the communication.

Magic workshop - skills

The program

5 sessions to learn new magic tricks, master the sleight of hand and perform a 45-minute show, with Joe’s help and guidance.

Session 1
Introduction to magic with the presentation of the magician’s code, types of magic, presentation of magic to the public and how to practice magic. Learning 2 magic tricks: “Oldest trick in the book” and the “Vanishing ball”.

Session 2
Learning 2 new magic tricks. Magic tricks with a coin, and tricks with a rubber band. Group practice

Session 3
Learning 2 new magic tricks: with the magic bracelet and the magic fabric. Handling and magic tricks in groups

Session 4
Discovery and learning of magic predictions, “Gummy bear prediction”, “Number prediction”.

Session 5
Recap of all the magic tricks learned and some practice before the show. 45-minute show.

Joe Alfonso the magician

A few words from…

I am a magician

I am a magician and have been lucky enough to be able to perform in front of a breathtaking audience for more than 20 years. My interest in sleight of hand started at a very young age after being blown away by a card trick. Wanting to know more, I entered the world of magic and never came out of it. Since then, I have spent thousands of hours practicing my profession, documenting myself, reading and watching videos about magic. My contacts in this community have been enriched so as to improve my skills and offer the public a magical show!

I believe that magic is much more than just finding a card or deceiving the senses. It is about connecting with people and inspiring their sense of wonder and amazement. I would like to include a link to an article that explains the benefits of magic: http://etd.fcla.edu/CF/CFH0004293/Bauman_Shannon_A_201212_BS.pdf 

Whether it’s for ten or a hundred people, I lead my audience into this thrilling feeling that anything is possible.

I am very enthusiastic about sharing my tricks, my experience with young people and introducing them to this magical art. See you very soon


Do you have any questions?

How do I register?

Click on the project you are interested in and fill in the requested information. An email of confirmation will be sent to you.

Do I need to have prior knowledge in magic?

There is no prior knowledge needed, only the desire to learn more about this art.

Where do we meet?

Once your registration is validated, the location and appointment times will be sent by email and through whatsapp, as well as a link with the exact address. 

You can arrive 5 minutes before the session to get ready and arrive on time.

What material do I need?

The material will be provided to you and what’s even better? You’ll be able to take it home with you!

What happens if I cannot attend the course?

If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible by phone or email.
Any missed session is lost and cannot be recovered, except in cases of force majeure (accident, hospitalization, health problem). If so, we will discuss with Morgan the possible catch-up of the lost session(s).

Can I get a refund?

Except in cases of force majeure (accident, hospitalization), the costs already incurred are non-refundable (unreported absence, voluntary and intentional cancellation during the program).


Event details

  • 29 March 2020
  • 14:15 à 16:15

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    Workshop to learn new magic tricks in Istanbul!

    14:15 à 16:15
    29 March 2020


    Workshop to learn new magic tricks in Istanbul!

    14:15 à 16:15
    29 March 2020